3 Strong Mantras for Mindfulness

In certain situations, I feel the need to repeat a mantra to myself to stay in the right mindset. I’m going to go over three of my favorite mantras for mindfulness, patience, and peace; and how I came up with them.

Mantras for mindfulness

  1. I am patient, I am calm.
  2. Just be here now, you can do this.
  3. I have no expectations because the future is unknown.
Beautiful field in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy. Practice mantras for mindfulness in a peaceful field like this one.

I am patient, I am calm.

I started repeating this one to myself one night when I was rocking my daughter to bed. It can be quite a trying process because it takes a long time for her to fall asleep, causing me to have to endure her fussing and often, she wakes up as soon as she’s laid down. So, I started to repeat this phrase to myself, while deep breathing, because I figure the calmer I am, the more likely it is that she’ll feel calm and fall asleep.

Just be here now, you can do this.

This is my oldest mantra on the list and dates back to my long distance running days (feels like a past life). I repeat this phrase to myself while I’m out running, in an attempt to avoid constantly counting down to the end. This mantra honestly carried me through my marathon. Staying present helps me embrace the run for what it is and usually causes me to run even better. Hey, maybe this post will motivate me to get back into running!

I have no expectations, because the future is unknown.

I found myself worrying about the future recently. I was playing out different scenarios and feeling really anxious. Then I realized that the future is literally unknown. There is no way to predict what will happen and worrying is completely pointless. Also, the possibility of something terrible happening is just as likely as something wonderful happening. So, why not look forward to the future with excitement for the amazing things that are waiting for you, rather than worrying about hypothetical scenarios.

These are a couple of my favorite mantras for mindfulness, but I’m always open to new ones. Leave a comment with your favorite mantra, and how it helps you!

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